Jan Čarný 
Experienced in leading managerial position 
Former Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO Direct Pojistovna, a.s.

I have known Oldrich for many years and had a chance to observe and monitor his professional development. Oldrich is a senior professional with a broad experience from different industries and proven success record. He has always been very committed and result orientated. As a head hunter and Executive Search Consultant Oldrich demonstrated deep understanding of customers’ needs and ability to propose and deliver solutions addressing their challenges. He has very good communication skills, is flexible, open minded and has a friendly attitude.
Výborné služby, doporučuji. Opravdový expert v oblasti headhuntingu a executive search.

  René Bollier
Interim Executive & Business Consultant / Switzerland, Austria
Oldrich do not concentrate in self-promoting, but do his homework and approach the challenge pragmatically and persistently. Working with Oldrich is definitively a pleasure and rewarding. I know him for many years as a sincere and trustful business partner with balanced character and excellent team skills. His international business experience serve him well in understanding the clients needs and the dynamics of various organisations.

Václav Matuška 
Marketing Manager at Reckitt Benckiser
I know Oldrich for a long time as a partner in the field of Executive Search and HR consultancy business. I work with him closely on couple of recruitment projects. He is result oriented, creative, and able to bring fast and reliable solutions in delivering proper and talented specialist. He knows the headhunting business and has brilliant HR market knowledge. Oldrich is a real professional in searching managerial talents. I may recommend him as reliable partner and trusted advisor to any local or multinational company which is looking for precise solution and values.

Pavel Boda
Macroregional Sales Manager at Tele2, Russian Federation
It was my pleasure to work with Mr. Oldřich Navratil during 5 years. He is the real expert in Executive Search, Recruitment and Team Bulding!

    Petr Kosmák 

Corporate Director (Operations, Sales, Strategy-products)
Executive Sales CEMEA
Oldrich personal abilities are remarkable professional. Very level-headed negotiation skills and high perception for the right decisions.

   Michael Gavrilovič 

Head of Sales and Acquisition at RWE Energo, sr.o.
I can recommend Oldřich due to his professional and open minded approach. It was a pleasure for me to work with Oldřich and I am ready to repeat a co-operation with Oldřich.

Drahomír Kovařík 
Managing Director Proficare, a.s. 
Former Managing Director Procter & Gamble Prestige Products 

I know Oldřich Navrátil long time enough as true senior expert in Executive search and recruitment. He is charismatic professional who understands both clients and candidates, providing excellent service for them. He acts with natural empathy and full understanding for client specific needs using progressive search methods and always keeping agreed time schedule in assignment projects. It was my pleasure to work with him several times. I used also his management consulting knowledge in interim projects for Proficare, a.s during the period of 2010 - 2012. In case of having company personal needs for interim managers, top management or specialists in the Czech Republic or Central Europe I would recommend to use Oldřich as valued consultant and head-hunting partner.

   Jiří Karásek 

Senior Experienced Manager and Executive 
Managing Director Lumen energy, a.s.
I had an occasion to co-operate several times with Oldřich. He was always very open, professional and kind, and his Search results satisfied me and helped me/to Company for further growth. 

  Jiří Sauer 
Business Director at LOM Praha s.p. 
Former Executive Vice President Defence & MRO Aero Vodochody 
Oldřich has great approach and he is "solution" finder. 

  Marcela Ryšková
Human Resource Director and HR professional
Oldřich is experienced professional in Head hunting and Executive search services. I had opportunity to work with Oldřich during his time in SAM Headhunting company, while he was preparing the proposal for Executive search services and job mapping for Walters Kluwer Sales manager role. Oldřich´s approach was always proactive, he understood customers’ needs very well and always delivered top professional services. With his skills, abilities and experiences he is manager whom I´m pleased to refer.

  Jarda Laur 

Sales & Marketing Director at ALD Automotive 
Oldřich and Personal & Management Consulting means to me first class service. Highly recommended.

  Tim Šlapák 
Personal and Team Development Specialist, Senior Mentor & Coach 
MASS Training & Media, s.r.o 
Oldřich je důsledný a pečlivý profesionál ve svém oboru.

  Martin Veselý 
Executive Director at Auto Průhonice
Oldřicha Navrátila znám již 20 let a vždy byl profesionálem na svém místě. V oboru personalistiky se, myslím, opravdu našel. Vřele doporučuji využít jeho služeb

  Vladimír Neduchal 
Managing Director at ADSL and MD of JobsInYangon.com 
Oldřich Navrátil je zkušený manažer, který prokázal své schopnosti i v reálném světě produktového businessu. Své znalosti, zkušenosti a dovednosti plně zúročil na poli personalistiky. Jeho služby mohu vřele doporučit.

  Michal Hrbotický 
Senior Consultant at Hudson 
Skvělý profesionální servis, velká osobní přidaná hodnota díky senioritě a přehledu. Doporučuji.

  Ing.Vladimír Bernhardt 
soudní znalec ekonomika - bankovnictví 
Ing. Oldřich Navrátil je člověk na svém místě. Jedná se o skutečného profesionála ve svém oboru. Jeho služby jsou vysoce kvalitní a jeho přístup je vstřícný a individuálně zaměřený na potřeby klienta.

  Michal Walter 
Psychologist and Trainer 
Velmi kvalitní služby, individuální přístup. Vřele doporučuji služby ing. Oldřicha Navrátila v oblasti poradenství a headhuntingu.

  Michal Voříšek
Editorial system group manager at Mafra
Oldřich is skilled wide oriented personal and management consultant. With him is always pleasure to analyse and determine goals for personal developement. I appreciate the high level of professionality and confidentiality as well. Oldřich top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity Consultant.
May 29, 2013.  I was Oldřich's client in Career Coaching.

   Jan Fical 
General Manager at BTC GROUP a.s.
I had a chance to be "caught" by Mr. Navrátil. I have always appreciated his professional negotiations, preparedness and maximum support towards new opportunities. His great advantage is the market knowledge and recognition of human potential. 

  Andrey Ruban
Sales and Marketing Manager Europe at EKC Europe GmbH
I have had a few opportunities to be in touch with Oldřich during his professional path within executive search industry. He proved to be a proactive partner, willing to find a match to meet the needs of his clients and possible candidates. He is a results driven headhunter. On the top of that, he has an extensive knowledge of many industries and wide network of contacts there. This enables him to address the relevant projects to the appropriate markets and people

  Martin Ellis 
Headhunter, Executive Search 
Corporate Handyman
Oldrich is well known to me despite the distance between us. He is always enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and is good to work with on international projects. With an international senior management career in sales and marketing among luxury and international brands, Oldrich has a creative approach to senior recruitment assignments. We started working together when we met at SAM Headhunting in 2010. He speaks Czech, English, Slovak and Russian. I am happy enough to recommend Oldrich that I feature him on my own website at http://corporatehandyman.co.uk/headhunting/international-partners.


   Mikhail Akhmedov 
Non Food Buying Director at O'KEY Group, Russia 
Oldrich is one of the hardest working managers who is able to build a strong and motivated team in short time. He is result oriented, creative, and able to persuade others.

  Grzegorz Wilkosz 
General Manager / Ukraine
I have worked with Oldrich Navratil for four years (2005-2009). At that time I was General Manager of Zepter Poland and Oldrich was working as Director of International Brand Cosmetics & Luxury - I reported to him according to brand Cosmetics&Luxury.  Oldrich distinguished by openness to cooperation, very specifically defined goals and courses of action presented solutions. In case of a major issue has to react quickly. Oldrich price for sauces rules IRAC (Issue, Reaction, Analysis, Conclusion). Additionally he is very friendly and kind-hearted guy.


   Dejan Pesic 
VP International Business Development at One Italia
Oldrich is able to provide getting a target even being under pressure with limited resources when meeting specific demand and objectives. Oldrich is able to clearly set objectives for himself and move things forward over passing the obstacles. He is very strong in time management when proceed with any project he lead. He has got a delegating managerial style and he is strong at building and maintaining professional relationship with the staff.


  Kirill Reshotkin, MBA, CPA, CMA Manager, Financial Planning & Reporting
I am very proud that I had a chance to work with Oldřich in Zepter Group. He is a qualified executive who definitely added a great value in Zepter’s development. I strongly recommend Oldřich for top-level positions in your business.

Petr Oborin
Head of retail and regional sales at Aviva, Russia
During our communication Oldrich proved to be logical, precise, realistic and target-driven. As for his management style, his subordinates respect him and are driven by his enthusiasm and confidence. Oldrich is able to provide getting a target even being under pressure with limited resources when meeting specific demand and objectives. Oldrich is able to clearly set objectives for himself and his team and move things forward over passing the obstacles. He is very strong in time management when proceed with any project he lead. He has got a delegating managerial style and he is strong at building and maintaining professional relationship with the staff.